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A Muncie Pump for every application. We can supply the proper pump for your particular job and ship it today.

The OPTIMUM Series Gear Pumps/Motors.
High performance, high pressure and durability for many applications.

The PK SERIES Gear Pump.PK-Pump
Designed to be either a pump or a motor between 4 GPM and 17 GPM at 1000 RPM.

The PL SERIES Gear Pump.
Designed to be either a pump or a motor between 14 GPM and 30 GPM at 1000 RPM.

The PF SERIES Gear Pump.
Aluminum body, thru bore, bushing style in a wide range of sizes.

The PH SERIES Gear Pump.
Cast iron bushing style, gear pump.

The PF/PH SERIES Clutch Pumps.
Provide hydraulic power at the flip of a switch.

The E SERIES Dump Pump.
Built to last.

The S SERIES Hoist Pump.
Designed for use on single or tandem axle dump trucks.

The MLSM SERIES Live Pack Pump.
Provides hydraulic component protection without loss of operator control.

The PP/PM SERIES, Power-Miser.
Lower operating costs by reducing horsepower draw when off.

The PVL, PVJ & PVE SERIES Variable Displacement Piston Pumps.
Variable displacement piston pumps used in closed center systems.

The P, Q, R, T SERIES Piston Pump.
Designed for higher operating pressures than traditional piston gear pumps.